Toyota JZX-​​110 Mark II now available for import and compliance in Australia

Both J-​​Spec and Iron Chef are report­ing this, with prices start­ing around $16, 500 and up based on KMs and trim lev­els for the sexy 1JZ pow­ered four door. The Verossa is still not avail­able how­ever, though most will agree the Mark II is a classier look­ing car, with a much improved inte­rior over the JZX-​​100 Chaser.

More infor­ma­tion as it becomes available.

Engine Specifications: The Nissan RB26DETT

The Nissan RB26DETT
The Invin­ci­ble RB26DETT: Heart of Godzilla!

Few Japan­ese engines are held in as high esteem as the ven­er­a­ble Nis­san RB26DETT. The engine was first fit­ted in 1989 to the Nis­san R32 Sky­line GT-​​R, and imme­di­ately caused upsets in motor­sport and tun­ing cir­cles, includ­ing it’s iconic debut at Bathurst in Aus­tralia using the N1 des­ig­na­tion (more on the RB26DETT N1 down the page). Here we present a few per­ti­nent facts about the pow­er­house of the later model Godzillas.

The unit is from the RB fam­ily of engines, a 2.6L dual over­head cam, elec­tron­i­cally fuel injected, twin turbo (RB26DETT) charged inline six cylin­der. It uses a cast-​​iron block at it’s core, with alu­minium cylin­der heads, 24 valves (4 valves per cylin­der) and uses 6 throt­tle bod­ies, unique amongst the RB family.

Mechan­i­cal Specifications

Power & Torque

How­ever, the motor is rec­og­nized as being over-​​engineered, much like Toyota’s 2JZ, and power up to and exceed­ing 600HP on mechan­i­cally stock inter­nals is com­mon in tun­ing cir­cles. Some highly mod­i­fied vehi­cles car­ry­ing exten­sively mod­i­fied RB26DETT’s pro­duce well over 1000HP.

The N1 series RB26DETT, pro­duced by NISMO for GroupA/​Group N motor­sport is believed capa­ble of a max­i­mum power exceed­ing 1900HP.


All mod­els except the N1 and Z2 (itself a mod­i­fied N1) ver­sions of the RB26DETT use twin, par­al­lel ceramic tur­bocharg­ers, uti­liz­ing 3 cylin­ders per turbo and run­ning at 10PSI (restricted by boost restric­tor to 14PSI). The N1 and Z2 ver­sions use Gar­ret T25 steel tur­bocharg­ers due to issues with the N1’s higher boost rat­ing, with the R32, R33 using Jour­nal Bear­ing ver­sions, and the R34 using Ball Bearing.

Engine specifics

  • 24 valves, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Cast-​​iron engine block
  • Alu­minium cylin­der heads
  • 6 throt­tle bodies

Cars using the RB26DETT

  • R32 Nis­san Sky­line GT-​​R
  • R33 Nis­san Sky­line GT-​​R
  • R34 Nis­san Sky­line GT-​​R
  • Nis­san Sky­line GT-​​R Z-​​tune
  • Nis­san Stagea 260RS

    Toyota and Tesla to partner on EV’s



    Tesla and Toy­ota plan to use the recently closed ex-​​Toyota NUMMI plant in Freemont, CA, USA with Model S pro­duc­tion expected to bring back 1,000 work­ers and out­put 20,000 cars a year, with that out­put expected to increase as new mod­els are added. The plant could soon expand to as many as 10,000 work­ers, and approach it’s pre­vi­ous capac­ity of 300,000 cars per annum.

    The Model S is on track for pro­duc­tion in 2012. No infor­ma­tion is yet avail­able on any tech­nol­ogy or process shar­ing deals between Tesla and Toy­ota, but Tesla is expected to ben­e­fit greatly from Toyota’s mass pro­duc­tion exper­tise and efficiency.