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The new version of Stephen Penney’s invaluable Car Calculator tool, completely rebuilt from scratch with comprehensive functions and completely free for car enthusiasts. Version 3 adds even more than the wildly popular V2.2

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Upgraded 2012 Nissan GT-R expected to push past 500HP

Nissan GT-R: Front View 1

2012 Nissan GT-R: Soon to have more power

According to Autoblog the revised 2012 Nissan GT-R is expected to develop in excess of 500HP and 450 pound-feet of torque in a bid to keep the newly revamped Porsche 911 Turbo at bay. Apparently the revised model has been seen around the ‘Ring recently, no doubt in order to lower the GT-R’s infamous lap time of 7:26.

Not much more is known at this stage, but it’s safe to say the VR38DETT Twin Turbo V6 will remain the workhorse, and gain a few tuning changes. Expect retuned suspension, larger brakes, new diffusers and rear wing configuration and minor aerokit changes.

Nissan GT-R Gallery

Lexus announce limited LF-A Nrburgring Package


The Lexus LF-A Nrburgring Package. Limited to 50 only.

Although the LF-A is itself limited to a run of only 500 units, Lexus have announced a Nrburgring edition of only 50 units to compliment sales.

The new edition bumps the 4.8L V10’s output 10 horsepower to 562HP, upgrades suspension, gains a new front splitter, dive planes and a fixed rear wing. Transmission changes see shift times drop 50ms to 150ms total, and the car comes in either whitest white, black, McLaren orange, or buyers may option matte black at an added $20, 000 premium on top of the $70, 000 package cost. The LF-A costs $375, 000 as standard.

[Ed: If you can stand the ugliness of the car enhanced in orange, you’re looking at $445, 000 for a car that isn’t that much more impressive than the $85, 000 GT-R. If you can’t stomach the orange, then the matte black will mean $465, 000. ]

The Lexus LF-A Nrburgring Package